What is Airsoft

Participation in our airsoft events is only for 18+

(10+ Players)
Private Events

Private events are perfect for company events, bachelor parties or for a group of friends.
Suitable for medium/large groups.
These events are only suitable for more than 10 players.

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(<10 Spelers)
Open Events

These airsoft events are open to anyone aged 18 and up, for a fair price. Ideal for small groups!
You can sign up individually.

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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a game simulation sports where you use realistic looking replicas. Teams battle against each other, but instead of real ammo 6mm balls are used.

This sport is known for its realism, and this is also where Unit 13 focuses on.
During the airsoft games you’ll have to complete diverse missions to prevent your opponent from achieving their goal.
Cooperation, tactics and strategy are very important aspects of this sport.

Own gear

Do you have your own gear and do you want to join an airsoft skirm at Unit 13? No problem, Unit 13 has several arrangements you can choose from.


Practising airsoft has been legal in Belgium for a while now.

From 2013 on playing airsoft is also allowed in the Netherlands. However, in all countries there are strict rules for practicing this sport. These rules differ per country. You can find more information about the Dutch law and regulations on www.nabv.nl.


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